Casshan – Return of the King

Casshan – Return of the King

A great emcee has conviction. That thing where they connect with the listener, and can feel everything they’re saying. Hearing that hunger in their voice to snap all over the track, to the point you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to see if they pull it off. Casshan steps up and gets his just due on his new song “Return of the King”.

Casshan puts on a Hip Hop clinic on the new song “Return of the King”. He utilizes his high skill set of emceeing to display Hip Hop greatness, giving the listener a powerful flow, hard sharp lyrics, and a delivery packed with the ultimate conviction, that makes this gold. Casshan fuses together a hard rap sound with a golden age emcee prowess, that you haven’t heard done to such mastery in a great while.

Casshan’s “Return of the King” is what you get when an emcee taps into their superpower and dares to be great. The rapping is strong as he puts on a master class to give the world a rapping clinic to show he has all the talent in the world to compete with any emcee.

Check out Casshan “Return of the King” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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