Coi Leray x Pooh Shiesty – BIG PURR (Prrdd)

Coi Leray x Pooh Shiesty – BIG PURR (Prrdd)

When songs first started leaking in the digital age of music it was truly a big deal. Catching an early listen of records from your favorite artists out there, to bring more anticipation for it’s release. Present day leaks are one of the biggest marketing tools out there, that really help gauge the interest of the people. When Coi Leray first gave the world a sample of her collaboration of Pooh Shiesty, the internet went crazy, enjoying the taste of music they gave us, and now that it’s out they deliver in every way on the new song “BIG PURR (Prrdd)”.

Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty bring the perfect collab at the perfect time on the new song “BIG PURR (Prrdd). Both artists are rising at a fast pace as the next big superstars in music, and with this new record they take off to the moon. Coi’s continual growth as an artist shines to the fullest, with you hearing more confidence than ever with a commanding presence to her, that is infectious and enjoyable with the raw playful writing that makes it a good listen. Pooh Shiesty brings his signature style that has made him a big name, and he matches her energy perfectly to show off the art of collaboration.

Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty “BIG PURR (Prrdd)” is the record that takes an artist over the top, to their rightful destination as a household name. It’s that super dope digestible music that people want to hear, and makes the world around us more vibrant, as they make the culture more exciting with their work. It’s a record that speaks for itself and doesn’t let the listener down for a second on this sure hit thats ready to take over the world.

Check out Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty “BIG PURR (Prrdd)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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