Charmaine – WOO! (Official Video)

Charmaine – WOO! (Official Video)

Music videos when done right are are short music motion pictures. Giving you everything that a film can give you, that can draw a consumer in with engaging elements that entertain the people, to watch over and over again, as they find a new way to love a song they are familiar with. Charmaine creates must see visuals for the hit “WOO!”

Charmaine already made a musical masterpiece with “WOO!”. Giving you amazing artistry thats fun to hear and, created an engaging experience you had to be a part of. With the visuals Charmaine matches it equally and really sells this record as a must hear. The video is entertaining and filled with fun elements that fits the music perfectly, as she she commands your attention, as the next big thing.

Charmaine’s “WOO!” is that super dope Hip Hop that gives the culture more life to keep things going. She does everything right musically, and now visually to make a song that’s digestible for the masses, while still showcasing high skill to make purists buy in completely.

Check out Charmaine “WOO!” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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