Moyka – As Long As You Are Here

Moyka – As Long As You Are Here

Music can be taken in, in countless ways, but some songs just feel like love. Some songs make you tender and vulnerable, as you take in the music and become overcome with emotion, in a way that only music can take you. That type of music brings a sound you can get lost in and explore this place the music takes you. Moyka gives that to the world on her new song “As Long As You Are Here”.

Moyka will make you want to love on her new song “As Long As You Are Here”. The record is a true masterpiece that captures the art of music, with an abstract feel to it that lets you dream on this journey she takes us on. The masterful tone in the vocal performance, brings the right level of emotion and vulnerability to it to make you feel the writing just right, with each element making a spiritual connection with the listener to get invested for time to come.

Moyka’s “As Long As You Are Here” shows the magic of a well crafted record that is selfless in it’s approach. She is as transparent as ever, and shows the power of an amazing love song. Music to this level is the music that brings people together, and makes the world a better place with so much love in the sounds, its tough for one to be bitter with something so enjoyable.

Check out Moyka “As Long As You Are Here” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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