A-REECE – Mark 15:35

A-REECE – Mark 15:35

It’s so many different elements of music to love. From the big details to the small ones, it’s so many different element to pick from and enjoy, especially the song title. The title lets you know everything to expect from the track and when A-REECE brings his new record “Mark 15:35”, the title truly says it all.

A-REECE new record lives up to the name on the record as he gives the gospel on “Mark 15:35”. This record is truly a blessing to his fans as he gives you soulful music you can feel for every second. The production is laced with a soulful sample with a saxophone riff that he float overs. Giving you incredible presence with the flow while also being lyrically sharp to put on a show for the people to enjoy.

A-REECE “Mark 15:35” is soulful Hip Hop at it’s finest. It’s a record you can feel and enjoy every second of, with everything coming together in a divine way to make a cohesive sound that is undeniable. It hits the mark in every aspect of Hip Hop to make a stellar piece of audio.

Check out A-REECE “Mark 15:35” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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