Rosewood Swing – Downtown Vegas

Rosewood Swing – Downtown Vegas

Hip Hop has many flavors the people to enjoy. Depending on your preference is what you will gravitate to, but some artist go beyond that. Some artists are just so talented, and have so much presence to their approach that you know they are a star. That type of glow to their approach that shines through, everyone out there and grabs your attention completely. That type of glow is what Rosewood Swing possesses and it shows on his new song “Downtown Vegas”.

Rosewood Swing shines like the bright lights in the title on his new song “Downtown Vegas”. He delivers a perfectly crafted masterpiece that is as vivid as any story you will hear. The presence in the flow is super smooth, and glides like a jet in air over this smooth production, that has a sound reminiscent of Curren$y that the people will enjoy. His flow isn’t the only aspect of his games that marvels, with impeccable writing that has that touch of sophistication to it to show off his high caliber talent to the fullest.

Rosewood Swing’s “Downtown Vegas” is that undeniable music that an artist needs to be a breakout talent in this game. His confidence in his skills shine all over this record, with a charisma to him that is infectious and makes you want to hear more. If you want to hear some super cool Hip hop, from the next big thing this is the perfect record to dive into.

Check out Rosewood Swing “Downtown Vegas” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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