KALI – I Just Wanna

KALI – I Just Wanna

An artist’s journey is most exciting when they’re on the rise. That energy to them and the music that’s bubbling, as you see them go for gold. When an artist has that feel you get invested in them in a real way, as you being the supporter feel that much apart of the journey. An artist who has that feel and promise is KALI with her latest release “I Just Wanna”.

KALI continues to show promise and infinite potential on her new song “I Just Wanna”. The art to her sound is what is most appealing, with a dream pop sound that takes you out of this world for an experience of music like no other. She has a stand out sound, and a stand out vocal tone that allows the listener to let their dreams run free, for this incredible work of art that delivers in every way.

KALI’s “I Just Wanna” is a musical masterpiece that one listen will never be enough for. It all is done at a supreme level, and makes something for the world to enjoy, as we get familiar with the next big star in music called KALI. Her unlimited promise and appeal is what helps her shine, as she makes music beyond her years, for music that will be considered classic work.

Check out KALI “I Just Wanna” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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