Orions Belte – Mouth

Orions Belte – Mouth

We hardly ever post instrumentals unless it something truly special. That music that is undeniable and would be a disservice to the people if we didnt cover it. That something special is what you can always expect from Orions Belte. A collective that is supreme in their talents and deliver the art of music to a high level every time. That special sound is what you get from their latest release “Mouth”.

Orions Belte puts it all together to make some of their best music to date on the new song “Mouth”. The music genre blends to a stellar level as they mix funk, soul, and indie pop to make a song that brings, the music to life as each element makes the imagination run as wild ever. The music tells a story in the instrumentation and takes you on a journey that is beyond just hearing a good tune, but being apart of an experience that will have the people coming back for time to come.

Orions Belte’s “Mouth” is not only a record that shows just how remarkable their talent is, but the art that music can still be when done right. It’s special audio with unlimited replay value that you can play, and enjoy without limits on this record that will give you more reasons to love it with each listen. Check out this song now and enjoy the brilliant sound thats on full bloom.

Check out Orions Belte “Mouth” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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