FCG Heem – Champagne Showers

FCG Heem – Champagne Showers

A great record is one that doesn’t waste time being engaging. That song as soon as you hit play, you hear an element that grabs your attention, and makes you want to see what will happen next. That music is music that always has a play in your life, with the exciting vibes it brings, and that’s what you get on FCG Heem’s new record “Champagne Showers”.

FCG Heem brings an anthem on his latest release “Champagne Showers”. The title alone makes you want to check out what the record is about, and when the 808 packed production starts, you instantly become even more intrigued to listen. Once Heem steps up, he brings a lot of presence and talent, with a flow that glides off of every knock to the listener, with his high spirit shining to sell this celebratory record to the fullest.

FCG Heem’s “Champagne Showers” is that record you play and you fill like you’ve made it. That feel in the music that makes you look back on everything you’ve overcame, and realize you’ve made it out of those trenches, to be something incredible. His energy resonates on a real level and his swagger drips all over, with an authenticity that can’t be faked, but only enjoyed. Check out this record now and enjoy the vibes!

Check out FCG Heem “Champagne Showers” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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