Naman Featuring Jiles – Somerville

Naman Featuring Jiles – Somerville

Hip Hop is in it’s purest form when emcees are just spitting. Coming together on a beat that allows the lyrics to shine, as they go their with so much conviction in the flow, you know they didn’t come to lose. That hard edge in the music is one of the key styles, that helped Hip Hop rise to prominence and the spirit runs free on the new record from Naman called “Somerville” featuring Jiles.

Naman comes together with Jiles to bring a lyrical master class on the new song “Somerville”. The production sets. the tone with an authentic boom bap sound, that knocks and makes you want to bop your heard, as you take in the lyricism they give. Each artist delivers with a commanding presence in their flows, with a golden age approach to it that shines through, on this perfectly crafted record. Each line stands out as the next and delivered with the ultimate conviction to make it undeniable in it’s pursuit of making a dope record.

Naman Featuring Jiles “Somerville” is a record that puts the culture on notice. That lyricism that people are craving in a time where rhymes can be repetitive and simplistic, they up their game and deliver a masterpiece that purists and casuals can enjoy alike, on this must hear record. If you love real Hip Hop you will love and approach the work of art they bring to the world in a real way.

Check out Naman Featuring Jiles “Somerville” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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