Artist Spotlight: Rene Bonet

Artist Spotlight: Rene Bonet

One of the toughest things to find is the space where appeal and great music meet. That perfect storm of having a look and feel the masses can buy into, while still having musical integrity to make music that people can feel. As challenging as it can be, there are a few artists who pull it off effortlessly with a star presence, and authentic sound that propels them to new heights in their career. An artist who has all of that is Rene Bonet.

Rene Bonet is a super talented artist who hits the mark in every way of artistry. She excels and brings more life to the Rhythm and Blues genre. In a time where it seems no one brings an original soul sound, she crafts records that bring more life to the culture, with her latest release “Stay” and “One Way Ride” being a shining example of her high caliber talent.

Both tunes are smooth in the production, and slows time down for you to take in the vibes that she creates. Her writing is well crafted, heartfelt, and transparent as she embodies the spirit of love songs that this genre is famous for. She not only marvels in writing, but vocally as well with a tone that is masterful at conveying emotion, and rooted in soul to make these hard records to pass on.

Rene Bonet is the total package of an artist, and delivers soulful masterpieces in both records to give the world more love that it needs. If you’re looking to hear great music, as well as a star that you can get behind, then you should her out now and get invested in this next sure star.

Check out Rene Bonet “Stay” and One Way Ride” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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