TITUS – Free Lunch 11

TITUS – Free Lunch 11

When pressing play on a record you’ve never heard, you always wonder is it going to be good or bad, but with some artists its not whether it’ll be good or bad but how good it will be. With TITUS latest installment of his Free Lunch series “Free Lunch 11” it’s not only a song that reaches expectation, but exceeds any one can place with him showcasing his unlimited ceiling.

TITUS continues to thrive in a stellar way on his new song “Free Lunch 11”. Emcees have long been our greatest storytellers for the culture, with them being the observers and narrators of our time. TITUS embraces this tradition and delivers a masterpiece with poignant rhymes that takes us through his jounrey thus far, while showing off his artistry that is commanding in his approach getting the job done in a real way.

TITUS “Free Lunch 11” is that Hip hop that embodies the truth and lyrical intricaies this genre was built off of. You hear the growth on this record for his artistry, as well as the person behind the music, with him daring to be transparent in his music, to help it connect that much more to listeners everywhere.

Check out TITUS “Free Lunch 11” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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