Rosebudd – Memorable

Rosebudd – Memorable

If you’re familiar with the site, then you know we’re huge fans of Rosebudd. A multi-talent artist from Georgia who can do it all. The south has ben running the game for a long time, with them having that special flavor in their sound. That sound is rooted in soul music, with them being able to connect with the people with their infectious swagger that makes you buy in. That’s the spirit that Rosebudd encompasses on her new song “Memorable”.

Rosebudd lives up to the title to make a record hard to forget on the new song “Memorable”. She’s known for her abstract sound that is captivating, and on this record she slows it down to show her lyrical prowess. Her presence is more commanding than ever, with her showing focused aggression in the flow, on what is some of her most supreme lyricism to date.

Rosebudd’s “Memorable” is the perfect representation of her high skill level as an emcee. You hear the soul in the music, with a determination in her voice that is filled with conviction and desire to be one of the greatest. The lyrics are strong, sharp, and relatable and is anthem for any dreamer out there trying to make it.

Check out Rosebudd “Memorable” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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