DearQuinton – Pull Up

DearQuinton – Pull Up

To say there’s more music out than it’s ever been is an understatement. Countless records being released daily, with different sounds for the people to dig in and enjoy. With as much music out, it gets harder and harder to find music with that soul to it. That music that not only sound good but feels good to hear as well. If you’ve been feeling that void than you will find the new song from DearQuinton called “Pull Up” just as refreshing as we do.

DearQuinton captures the true essence of love songs on his new song “Pull Up”. The sound is smooth and soulful, with a touch of class and grace to it that’s admirable and enjoyable. He shows his growth and talent on this record, with him sounding vocally better than he’s ever been, while he shows off his true skill of songwriting, to make each element on this record shine to the fullest, to make it something you will want to keep going back, to feel the magic in the sound again.

DearQuinton’s “Pull Up” is a special record to show the power of music when you can feel it. Each melody and harmony melts you, and makes life that much better with it sounding like the perfect getaway to vibe to. He shows the perfect balance of making music that feels just as good as it sounds, and brings more like to the genre of R&B music in a major way.

Check out DearQuinton “Pull Up” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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