Trvpbeez – Like Dat

Trvpbeez – Like Dat

One of the things that helps an artist last is the transparency in their music. That raw and honest take to the music, that allows them to put their soul into the music, that resonates with fans everywhere. That type of honesty in the music is what makes the songs timeless, with that feel always being real. An artist who has lasted the times and steadily on the rise is Trvpbeez, with his latest song “Like Dat” being a testament to his grind.

Trvpbeez brings some of his most honest work to date on his new song “Like Dat”. Trvpbeez is an artist who is the total package with him being able to make records, that are filled with charisma and infectious energy that makes you move, while also being able to make the listener think and feel, when he bares it all for them to take in. On this latest record he brings the two together to make one cohesive sound, with the production having a slowed down trap feel that he lets his presence be felt on majorly. The story telling shines as he takes us on his journey through the industry, with a relativity to it that one can feel and apply to their own hustle of life.

Trvpbeez “Like Dat” is an incredible record that is great to hear, as well as show his unlimited potential and growth. In a time where there’s always a new artist, he shows the true difference between someone who raps and one that is a rapper, with a tone that is commanding and plays the part to perfection to make him, shine like the true star that he is and will continue to be.

Check out Trvpbeez “Like Dat” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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