Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to start the week off right. Mondays are always our day to make sure we set the tone right, with the best content possible to make things enjoyable. To pull that off we always go through as many records as possible, to make sure we do just that and when we heard DAYTRIPS “Shoes” we knew it was a song we had to cover.

DAYTRIPS makes an enjoyable hit for the world to listen to on the new song “Shoes”. The song is instantly engaging with the production wasting little time, to showcase the bright sound full of appeal that has a familiar yet innovative style that works. When the vocals come in it knocks it out the park ,with a tone full of appeal that delivers the enjoyable lyrics masterfully, to make it all click. To take this song over the top they add in a big time chorus, and a saxophone solo to make it a record that is undeniable.

DAYTRIPS “Shoes” is the total package of a record that shows the power of a mega record. Everything about it works cohesively together to make a musical work of art. From the mainstream appeal in the production that sets the tone, the incredible vocal performance that melts you with every note, and the writing that is stellar in it’s articulation to make it a record you won’t be able to stop listening to, for time to come.

Check out DAYTRIPS “Shoes” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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