chrisfrmkro – shirt off

chrisfrmkro – shirt off

An artist who sticks with you, is one who continues to grow. As you go on life’s journey and able to hear a sound that grows with you, is something makes you a lifetime fan of an aritst. That continual growth and artistry is what you get rom St Louis hitmaker chrisfrmkro on his new song “shirt off”.

The trill soul sound of chrisfrmkro flourishes on the new song “shirt off”. The blues influence of St Louis shines on this new record, with a smooth soul sound that takes you back to classic R&B records. His vocals are more polished than ever, with a fine tuned tone that sounds good to hear and feel, as he delivers a love song for the new age to enjoy limitlessly.

The latest release from chrisfrmkro is everything that you would expect from an artist, with a deep catalog. He’s mastered his sound to the fullest, and it’s ever so apparent in the music. The care you hear in the music makes you enjoy it even more, with each intricacy of the record playing it’s specific part to the fullest, to make something enjoyable and soulful that will last the times.

Check out chrisfrmkro “shirt off” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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