Watson – James Brown

Watson – James Brown

To make it as a stand out artist, you have to be undeniable. That level of talent that’s special enough, to go beyond the subjectivity of music, with a sound and presence you can buy into right away. That’s what helps an artist stand apart, from the plethora of the numerous artists and releases out there, and Watson has that type of presence on his new song “James Brown”.

Watson taps into his inner King of Funk on his new song “James Brown”. Watson wastes little time getting in his bag to deliver something special for the listener. The emceeing is second to none, with a commanding flow that makes him sound the part, of the next big thing in Hip Hop. The song isn’t just all flow with supreme lyricism that makes each line it’s on quotable, over this hard production packed with knocking 808’s and bass that create an experience worth being apart of.

Watson’s “James Brown” is that incredible Hip Hop music, that is packed with the swagger and bravado that this culture is rooted in. He uses all of his talents to make a stand out record, that doesn’t waste a single second showing its high value to the world. The music is upper echelon and the perfect bridge to show where top quality rapping and appeal meet, on this total pack of a record.

Check out Watson “James Brown” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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