spill tab – PISTOLWHIP

spill tab – PISTOLWHIP

Music is most engaging when an artist takes chances in the music. Going in to the process with the mindset of letting their creativity shine, as their talent blossoms to the fullest. That type of music always stands out, and makes you listen to dive into the music in a real[ way. That type of daring approach is what make every second of spill tab’s new song “PISTOLWHIP” a must hear.

The innovative sound of spill tab shines through on the new song “PISTOLWHIP”. It’s a musical work of art filled with emotion, as it shows the confliction of dealing with infidelity that makes it ultra relatable for the masses. The dreamy vocals melt you and feel good to hear, and the production builds brilliantly as it captures the perfect storm of emotion to bring the vision to life, and makes the listener buy in completely to the music, and artist alike.

Everything that makes discovering music enjoyable is served on a full plater, for the world to dive into on this new record from spill tab. The sounds in “PISTOLWHIP” is creativity in it’s finest and helps it stand out in a real way. It’s the point where appeal, and musical innovation meet, with the story telling in the music playing out perfectly to make its must hear for people everywhere.

Check out spill tab “PISTOLWHIP” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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