Skylar Lee – Whoopsie Daisy

Skylar Lee – Whoopsie Daisy

Daily countess records come out for people to enjoy. Though there’s a lot of content releasing more than ever, there’s still some songs that just stand out. Those songs that stand out with a big sound, that makes them sure hits as soon as you hear them. That’s the music of stars and Skylar Lee shines like the star she is on the new song “Whoopsie Daisy”.

Skylar Lee crafts a song the world will love on her new song “Whoopsie Daisy”. The appeal in her style shines instantly, with a feel good tone in the vocals, that makes you enjoy every second of it. The sound is bright and the music is fun, while she gives a great take on falling in love. She delivers in every way, and brings a big time chorus that takes this song to the moon, on this out of this world jam.

Skylar Lee’s “Whoopsie Daisy” is a breakout record, from an artist who is set to go far. The mass appeal in the music, is everything that everyone loves, as she makes a record that not only sounds good, but feels good to take in. If you want to hear the next big hit, tune in ow and hit play on this smash now!

Check out Skylar Lee “Whoopsie Daisy” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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