Morgan Magras – No More

Morgan Magras – No More

An artist who puts their soul in their music, is an artist who will last the times. As trendy as music can be, styles and sounds come and go, but when music has that special touch of soul to it, it will always resonate with the people through their journey of life. Morgan Magras brings one of those records on her new song “No More”.

Morgan Magras makes a soulful work of art on her new song “No More”. The approach in the music is daring, as she gives a high level of transparency in the writing that you can feel. She carries this record with a strong vocal performance, that is perfect at conveying emotion and delivering with conviction over this R&B production, that sets the stage perfectly for the picture she creates in the music.

Morgan Magras “No More” is that authentic R&B music that people are dying to hear more than ever. Every element plays it’s part in stellar fashion, to make one incredible sound that anyone who listens will love. the true spirit of rhythm and blues shines bright in this record and will make a fan of anyone who listens.

Check out Morgan Magras “No More” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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