OBAS Featuring Rick Ross – Hug The Streets

OBAS Featuring Rick Ross – Hug The Streets

No other genre plays the guide for their listener like Hip Hop. For ages people have run to Hip Hop, as their big homie to give them game and life advice that their life may lack. It’s that element that gives Hip Hop it’s soul, as it leaves us with more than what we came as. That spirit flourishes in the new song from OBAS featuring Rick Ross called “Hug The Streets”.

OBAS and Rick Ross come together to offer unlimited game on the new song “Hug The Streets”. Their styles are a match made in heaven, with both of their presence being commanding, to get the listeners rightful attention to catch the games that they deliver. The record lyrically shines with story telling and transparency that you feel, over this smooth produciton that plays the perfect score for the picture they bring to life in this record.

OBAS Featuring Rick Ross “Hug The Streets” is that Hip Hop music that will forever be the backbone of this genre. They give their all to this game and you hear it in the music, with each listen making you appreciate what you’re hearing more and more. Hit play now and enjoy this soulful masterpiece they bring to the table for the culture.

Check out OBAS Featuring Rick Ross “Hug The Streets” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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