C.S. Armstrong Featuring Jay Rock – Own Two

C.S. Armstrong Featuring Jay Rock – Own Two

Music that is timeless, is music that has soul. That spirit in the music that lasts the times, as people can take in and feel the music for ages, due to the authenticity in the music. That timeless music is what has and will forever make people fans and a fan is what you will be, when you hear the new song from C.S. Armstrong called “Own Two” featuring Jay Rock.

C.S. Armstrong comes together with Jay Rock to make modern day gospel on the new song “Own Two”. The song truly lives up to the name, as C.S. delivers his soulful vocals with all he’s got to deliver his strong writing, that give the listener the message of standing tall with one’s self. Jay Rock delivers a verse and brings amazing value, as they both come together to display their super talents, while delivering the word for the culture.

C.S. Armstrong Featuring Jay Rock “Own Two” is the music that will lasts the times. The soul feel that is rooted in, will keep this song relevant with a message that shines, and will always be needed. It’s the perfect storm of great music, with a greater message that makes it worth every single listen.

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