thomTiDE – daysSince

thomTiDE – daysSince

When hearing an artist with an innovative sound, you always wonder how far it can go. How much continual innovation and daring attempts in the music, is what really determines how far an artist can go. With an artist as innovative as thomTiDE, the sky is truly the limit with his new song “daysSince” being a shining example of that.

The visionary aspect of music shines bright in thomTiDE’s new song “daysSince”. The music builds incredibly well, with a sound that is cinematic in it’s approach. His unique vocals carry the right amount of power, for each line to be felt in the soul just right, on this amazing that clicks in it’s own divine way to make magic in the music, that you will be able to enjoy every second of.

The latest effort from thomTiDE “daysSince” is another amazing record for this promising creative. He gives you more of his unique sound with every listen, and shows his wide array of talent, that makes you more of a fan with each worthy listen. Hit play now and enjoy the special sound of thomTiDE!.

Check out thomTiDE “daysSince” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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