Dude, It’s Nolan – Bird Law

Dude, It’s Nolan – Bird Law

One of the best parts of enjoying an artist’s work, is seeing their full range of talent. Hearing them excel at one style, just as well as the next, while they bring to life the visions in their mind, for the listener to take in and enjoy. That’s one of the most compelling things of Dude, It’s Nolan on his new song “Bird Law”.

Dude, It’s Nolan slows it down for the listener to enjoy life on his new song “Bird Law”. Nolan is known for his high level emceeing, and that emcee spirit shines on his latest effort. The lyrics are filled with gems, on this introspective record that makes you feel how good life can be, as he shares his story, on this feel good production helps his rhymes shines to the fullest.

Dude, It’s Nolan’s “Bird Law” is that soulful Hip Hop that makes the world shine brighter. He taps in to his many talents to make the listener slow down, and enjoy how great life can be, while still showing his grade A emceeing to make it an impossible record to deny.

Check out Dude, It’s Nolan “Bird Law” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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