Karina – 2000

Karina – 2000

One of music’s greatest appeal is the journey it can take you on. Those records you hit play on and every moving part of the record works in perfect harmony to take your mind to places unimaginable. It’s the special element that makes music a thing of dreamers and that special touch runs wild in the new song from Karina called “2000”.

Karina makes an indie pop masterpiece on the new song “2000”. The music builds well just like most stories do, with an intimate tone in the guitar and vocals that work and perfect harmony, before it builds to the ultimate musical climax that feels like a new world you’ve never heard of but everything you hoped it would be.

Karina’s “2000” is a genius level record that that encompasses the cinematic feel that music can have. It’s a record that is as audio, as it is visually with the picture the music creates for the listener to enjoy. If you would like to hear where supreme musical prowess and mass appeal meet, then check out this work of art now!

Check out Karina “2000” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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