BARDZ Featuring Dan Turley – Save Myself

BARDZ Featuring Dan Turley – Save Myself

People come to music to not only hear good music but to feel good as well. Looking for tunes that brighten up your day, or take a good day to another level. The new song from BARDZ featuring Dan Turley called “Save Myself” is an impressive record that feels good to the soul.

BARDZ and Dan Turley come together and makes a smash that you can’t go without on the new song “Save Myself”. When you hit play, they get you invested right away, with the big time sound that can make any part of the world shake, as they bring you into their world filled with lights and grooves. The vocals are powerful enough to not only not get lost in the music, but be commanding in it’s approach to deliver the writing just right on this song full of appeal.

BARDZ featuring Dan Turley “Save Myself” is a commanding record, with a sound that can not to be stopped. It’s a music experience that makes you want to dive into the music, and become invested in these sure stars with a must hear sound the world will love.

Check out BARDZ featuring Dan Turley “Save Myself” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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