2012 Bid Adieu – Sanity

2012 Bid Adieu – Sanity

One of the most exciting things to hear in an artist’s music is them going for it. That music you hear and know they’re not being shy in their ambitious, as they put it all on the line to make the best music possible. It’s that type of music that makes you buy into an artist and 2012 Bid Adieu goes for it on his new song “Sanity”.

2012 Bid Adieu blends genres to make a masterpiece on his new song “Sanity”. The sound is instantly engaging as you hear so many different elements coming together, to make one cohesive sound that is undeniable. Vocally he has amazing presence, that makes this record even more commanding, while he delivers his strong writing to show the full scope of his artistry for the world to enjoy.

2012 Bid Adieu’s “Sanity” is an incredible record that’s packed with creativity and innovation, to make your imagination run wild. It embodies the true art of music, with a polarizing piece that people can dive into and explore the many possibilities of where the song can take you.

Check out 2012 Bid Adieu “Sanity” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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