Whyen x Juli-Ane – Flying High

Whyen x Juli-Ane – Flying High

Music is and always will be a thing of trends. Artists trying different things to stay on the wave of what’s hot. As much as that is true, nothing beats hearing creatives shoot for just making the best music possible. That music you hear and know they dared to be great and shown high level of innovation in the tunes. That type of music is the true backbone of the culture and Whyen and Juli-Ane come together to do that on the new song “Flying High”.

Whyen and Juli-Ane come together to make a creative sound like no other on the new song “Flying High”. The title fits the music perfectly, with a song that makes you float on air as soon as you hear it. The production sets a masterful tone with a breakbeat approach to the percussion, that is match made in heaven with the dreamy pads, and vocals that melt you with every note.

Whyen and Juli-Ane’s “Flying High” is the type of record that shows the magic of music. That thing that happens when every element works together in perfect harmony, to make one cohesive sound that you can’t do without. If you love hearing amazing creative music, you will love every second of this must hear record.

Check out Whyen and Juli-Ane “Flying High” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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