Soaky Siren – Top Gyal

Soaky Siren – Top Gyal

An artist that is special, is an artist who won’t be denied. An artist who has that fearless energy to them, that you hear and know that they are destined to be on the top. That type of presence isn’t something that you come across often, but when you hear it you know it, and that’s what Soaky Siren has to her on her new song “Top Gyal”.

Soaky Siren goes for gold on her new song “Top Gyal”. Everything about this record is upper class, and done to a supreme level. As soon as you hear her, you feel her commanding presence, with an exhilarating approach to the music that’s exciting for every single second. This track isn’t just all flow, but a lyrical masterpiece with slick writing, in the verses that are complimented by the digestible chorus that makes it a hit for the masses.

Soaky Siren’s “Top Gyal” is that super incredible music, that one can’t turn away. Soaky shines like a true star, and someone who is destined to be on a superstar level. Everything clicks and comes together to make a work of art that is enjoyable musically, and amazing artistically to make it perfect.

Check out Soaky Siren “Top Gyal” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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