Charmaine – WOO!

Charmaine – WOO!

When putting out an incredible record, it leaves everyone waiting to see what you will do next. Leaving everyone wondering if the standard set on the first listen, was a fluke or the norm from the talent. With Charmaine’s follow up to her record “BOLD”, she releases an exciting follow up with her new song “WOO!”.

Charmaine shows a high ceiling and unlimited potential on her new song “WOO!”. Her presence is super commanding and makes her an impossible talent to deny, with high energy in her flow that makes you feel her swagger, as she delivers supreme rhyming to show that she’s one of the most promising Hip Hop figures around.

Charmaine’s “WOO!” is that super dope Hip Hop that gives the culture more life to keep things going. She does everything right musically to make a song that’s digestible for the masses, while still showcasing high skill to make purists buy in completely. If you’re looking for amazing music to dive into, then get familiar with Charmaine’s new smash now!

Check out Charmaine “WOO!” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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