hü – abstract girl

hü – abstract girl

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has a good week and ready for an exciting weekend. Fridays are always exciting as a music fan, as our favorite artists make this day to drop new releases. As a fan of music we love this day, and this day is even more special because we get to cover the new song from called “abstract girl”.

The magic of hü’s special sound is on full bloom on his new song “abstract girl”. The music shines with a retro sound, that is packed with big lights that burst out the seems of the speakers into your ears. His signature vocal tone melts you with every note, as he delivers his big time writing that is a hit every time he delivers a new piece of audio for the world to enjoy majorly.

The new song from “abstract girl” is another masterpiece for this artist who never misses. Each release feels big time as his music shoots for the stars and excels in every way possible. The production is amazing, vocally it’s perfect, and the writing takes this song to the moon to make it a record you can’t live without.

Check out “abstract girl” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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