Lund – Reckless

Lund – Reckless

More than ever people are looking for music they can connect to. That music they hear that they feel, and get an authentic experience that they feel emotionally connected to. That type of music is what makes you run to an artist’s music to hear and Lund had that type of music with his new song “Reckless”.

Lund uses all of his talents to show off his knack for making hits on his new song “Reckless”. The music blends genres in a way thats reminiscent of Maroon 5’s work on their “Songs About Jane” album. The story telling and production feels very Hip Hop, while the vocal approach has the soul of R&B, and the appeal of Pop to make this a record that clicks on all cylinders. It’s the innovation in the music that shines and makes you keep listening to enjoy the sounds.

Lund’s “Reckless” is record that you can enjoy musically and feel the spirit in. Everything works together in perfect harmony to make one amazing sound that you don’t want to go without hearing. Hit play now and hear the incredible sound of Lund.

Check out Lund “Reckless” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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