Jamythyst – Melt My Face

Jamythyst – Melt My Face

Music is in it’s best form when it allows the listener to be imaginative. Taking in sounds that let your dreams flow, as you take in the vibes and grooves of the music. That’s the music that makes you run to listen to the music, as it brings a feeling you can’t deny. That’s the magic of Jamythyst’s new song “Melt My Face”.

Jamythyst brings the party to you on the new song “Melt My Face”. In a time where social distancing limits the way people come together, this record makes you want to get lost in a club full of good vibes, with every thing having so much appeal to it. The production is fun and high energy, and Jamythyst shines like a star, as she delivers sweet melodies that feels good to the spirit to take in.

Jamythyst’s “Melt My Face” is a special record that encompasses the fun and magic of music. The reasons to enjoy this record is limitless, with it capturing an amazing sound and paints a picture for the listener, that lets you dream and enjoy life that much more.

Check out Jamythyst “Melt My Face” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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