dae zhen – La Doña

dae zhen – La Doña

It’s always amazing hearing an artist you’re familiar with a new way. Getting familiar with one’s talent can make you feel like you’ve heard it all, but ti’s even better when they give you more than you thought you knew. More talent and music to keep your an excited fan and thats what dae zhen does on his new song “La Doña”.

The super talented dae zhen brings a bilingual smash on his new song “La Doña”. He gives the listener all they could need over this Latin inspired production. Vocally the tone is masterful, with him bringing the perfect blend of Latin and Hip Hop vibes. His pen is impressive and shows his continual art of crafting must hear hits packed with appeal to make something must hear.

The new song from dae zhen “La Doña”is that exciting and engaging music that keeps things fun. It’s a record with global appeal, that you can hear being in films and radio all over the world. He excels in not only showcasing his unlimited array of talent, but music that is a joy to take in.

Check out dae zhen “La Doña” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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