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One of the most refreshing things to hear in music is innovation. That approach to the music, that goes beyond words as you’re hearing sounds put together, like you’ve never heard. That type of innovation is what gives music it’s air, and keeps things moving forward and thats what you get from Collapsing Scenery on their new remix of “Bush Mama Blues” by Money Mark.

Collapsing Scenery comes together with Money Mark to make an out of this world sound on the new song “Mama Bush Blues”. The music is beyond engaging with them grabbing the listener and bringing them into their world, in an instant. Each element helps the next, with each sound telling it’s part of the musical story to make one cohesive sound, that makes for a great listen with the vocal performance taking this record over the edge to genius level work.

Collapsing Scenery “Mama Bush Blues” Money Mark Remix is music that truly showcases the art of music, and the picture it can paint. You hear the willingness to take chances, and not try to fit in a box, but make the box with music that is fresh and enjoyable for every second. hit play now and hear the innovation they gives to the world.

Check out Collapsing Scenery “Mama Bush Blues” Money Mark Remix below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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