Ugigs Stream Revolution

Ugigs Stream Revolution

The best products are the ones that make the world better. The ones that fill a void for the people. COVID hit the world in a way none of us were prepared, especially the artist community. One of the biggest parts of a musicians craft and income is live performance. Giving the consumer a way to support, as well as experience the music to the fullest. With that being taken away, it has left a huge void that needs to be filled, and entrepreneur and musician, Claire Bennet has an answer with the new app, Ugigs.

Ugigs was developed pre COVID as an online community of artists and venues, to book each other directly. With the pandemic it forced them to either shelf the app, or find an innovative way to to keep things afloat. What they’ve done at Ugigs is make something for the time, that brings more life to the culture by making it a virtual experience that revolutionizes they way we experience live entertainment, by bringing live performances to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The app not only gives artists a platform to perform, but also generate revenue in many different ways including selling a live stream directly to their followers, to multiple venues once they are open, tips from their audience, as well as making the live stream downloadable after the performance for a fee, and this all takes place in this one app. With all that’s possible for the artist, they also will give venues a chance to create revenue regardless of social distancing, and regulations by live streaming concerts from their venue, directly to the consumer.

Ugigs stream makes it simple and easy for artists and even use everywhere to monetize on their live performances. They only take 10% of all transactions, and there is no requirement for subscriptions or contracts, leaving the only work for the artists and venue to do is download the app for free.

Sign up via their website and take advantage of the free promo offered and membership perks. Stay Global my Friends!

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