Headie One Featuring RV – Zodiac

Headie One Featuring RV – Zodiac

A record is super fun to take in when the artist wastes little time getting you invested. When everything about it just hits, and makes you take in the vibes. Whether its the production or the artist presence, it’s always good to just have that feel as something you don’t wanna miss out on, and UK’s Headie One has that on his new song “Zodiac” featuring RV.

Headie One comes together with RV to make a record that’s on fire on the new song “Zodiac”. The song delivers immediately, as production brings that knock to it, with bass that blares out your speaker. Headie One steps in and lets his presence be felt, with a commanding flow that shows off his high skill level in the pen that’s brilliant in it’s delivery. RV steps in and shows everyone why this was an anticipated collaboration, with him adding amazing value to the record that sends it over the top.

Headie One Featuring RV “Zodiac” is that super dope Hip hop that travels around the world. They do everything to a supreme level to please fans everywhere. From the hard production, dope flows, and slick writing it all comes together to make a masterpiece worth every listen.

Check out Headie One Featuring RV “Zodiac” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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