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The most selfless type of music is music that you can have to. That music that the artists come together to make something, that’s enjoyable for people everywhere, as they bring more life to the world. Those records are always a joy to take in and the newest collaboration from TiZ EAST, Moelogo, and Nadia Rose called “Bad Habits” is one of those enjoyable tunes.

TiZ EAST, Moelogo, and Nadia Rose come together to make a smash on the new song “Bad Habits”. The vibes of this record are limitless with infectious grooves in the production that make you move as they all, bring exciting energy and charisma to deliver the writing to perfection. Everything about this record goes, and gives you every reason to enjoy the music for every second of audio they perform.

TiZ EAST, Moelogo, and Nadia Rose “Bad Habits” is that super fun music that makes life that much more better. It shows the art of collaboration, while also giving an amazing display of music for fans everywhere to groove to. Anyone who enjoys great music thats exciting to discover, will love everything about this record.

Check out TiZ EAST, Moelogo, and Nadia Rose “Bad Habits” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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