Nanu – Badditude

Nanu – Badditude

An artist that stands out is an artist who is fearless. Someone you listen to or see and you feel their confidence, that resonates with you as you believe just as much as they do, that they’re a star. Those type of artists are the ones that breakthrough and Nanu is one of those artists with her new song “Badditude”.

Nanu makes a bilingual must hear record on her new song “Badditude”. The record is packed with flavor as her presence is commanding on this production filled with bounce. The flow is on point as she delivers the writing with ease in English, as well as Spanish. She not only marvels in the flow but lyrically as well, while she showcases her wide array of talent to shine like the star she is.

Nanu’s “Badditude” is a super dope record that gives you great music, as well as great visuals that bring her vision to life. It’s that engaging fun music people are looking for more than ever, as she delivers for the people everywhere. Her appeal is undeniable and the music is must hear to make her a talent to look out for.

Check out Nanu “Badditude” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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