The Image – Super Lit Boi

The Image – Super Lit Boi

Everyone has their own definition of what a hit is. As many different factors that can go into that, whether its the feel of the music, or the talent you hear, some songs are just packed with that appeal that is undeniable. The Image brings that undeniable type of energy on his new song “Super Lit Boi”.

The Image brings a ultra smash on his new song “Super Lit Boi”. The music is big time and he showcases his wide array of talent, to make it enjoyable for every second. The vocal tone is masterful in it’s approach, and feels good to hear as he balances a cadence, between Hip Hop and Pop to a genius level. Lyrically its fun and relatable and shows his knack for writing hit music to the fullest.

The Image “Super Lit Boi” is one of those amazing records that can conquer the world. Anyone who listens will enjoy the music coming out their speaker, with him giving his all to make his new and established fans go crazy for his super sound that will travel the world.

Check out The Image “Super Lit Boi” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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