boy blush – Right Person Wrong Time

boy blush – Right Person Wrong Time

When a song has a big sound it grabs you. That hold on you that only a good record can have, with engaging elements working together, to make something that leaves you filled with awe and admiration. That big sound doesn’t come from most, but when you hear that music you know it’s from a special talent. That special talent is boy blush on his new song “Right Person Wrong Time”.

An out of this world sound is what you get from boy blush on his new song “Right Person Wrong Time”. As soon as the music starts you know its something different, with the production being filled with innovation, and appeal to make a sound that transcends. The production is met with an amazing vocal performance that’s masterful at conveying emotion in the tone, that makes you feel the writing more, as he takes us on a tale of self sabotage in a relationship.

The new release from boy blush “Right Person Wrong Time”, is an amazing smash of a debut for a talent, the world will soon be familiar with. He excels at everything musically, while also making a record that is digestible for the masses, to make this an impossible record to pass on. Hit play now in hear the amazing sounds of boy blush.

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