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Everyone enjoys music they can feel. As much as music is about the sounds, it means nothing if it doesn’t connect with the listener on a high level. The music that you feel is always music, that you feel the soul in and that’s what keeps you coming back, and ROCHELLE JORDAN’s new song “ALL ALONG” is one of those records that will keep you listening.

ROCHELLE JORDAN makes an instant classic on her new song “ALL ALONG”. The music will keep you dancing as soon as you hear it, with infectious grooves that set the perfect tone for what ROCHELLE delivers. She gives a master class vocally that’s rooted in soul, as each note sounds just as good as the next to create a blissful feeling you hope never ends. The song doesn’t stop there, with the writing being supreme to make this a undeniable smash.

ROCHELLE JORDAN’s “ALL ALONG” is a super incredible record that shows how much fun finding new music can be. Everything about this record is special, and you can hear the magic for every second of audio she gives to us. If you’re looking for your new favorite song, your search can end on this perfect jam.

Check out ROCHELLE JORDAN “ALL ALONG” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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