YOUTH 83 Featuring Tima – Unfold

YOUTH 83 Featuring Tima – Unfold

One of the biggest questions surrounding music is if there is any more innovation left. With so many different sounds coming out through the times, it makes you think you’ve heard everything until you hear a special record like YOUTH 83’s “Unfold” featuring Tima.

YOUTH 83 comes together with Tima to make music like you’ve never heard on the new song “Unfold”. The production is out of this world, with a sound that makes you leave earth as soon as you hit play. The innovation in the music is thrilling, as well as enjoyable as you get introduced to this special kind of audio. Tima’s vocals are mesmerizing and melts you with every note, as she delivers the writing to perfection to make this a record you can’t live with out.

YOUTH 83 Featuring Tima “Unfold” is the music that keeps the culture going and makes it better. It’s music that defies convention, and trends to make some of the best must that you will ever hear. They dare to be great and it pays off majorly to make audio art like you’ve never heard.

Check out YOUTH 83 Featuring Tima “Unfold” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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