Upprcaze – PLANZ

Upprcaze – PLANZ

On this special day filled with love, everyone is looking for the right songs that fit the time. Those special songs that feel good to hear, and that you can share with people you care for. That type of feel is what R&B is known for, and Upprcaze blesses us with that type of vibe on the new song “PLANZ”.

Upprcaze brings all the vibes you need on her new song “PLANZ” . The music is smooth and has a sound that feels familiar yet fresh, as she delivers a song that feels good to hear for every second. Her vocal tone is magic and has such appeal and star presence to it, that you know will take this song very far.

Upprcaze “PLANZ” is a stellar record that brings more life to music and the world alike. It has unlimited appeal that is matched with soul to make a musical experience that you won’t be able to get enough. She shines like the star she is and every facet of her craft and delivers a masterpiece that’s hard not to enjoy.

Check out Upprcaze “PLANZ” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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