Hauskey – Go Wrong

Hauskey – Go Wrong

Music is at it’s best when you get to be a fan of the sounds. When the music feels goo to hear to the point, you don’t even think of it from a critic standpoint or the subjectivity of music, and just enjoy the feeling the music gives. Those feel good vibes is what keeps people going and Huaskey delivers all of the feel good vibes you can need on his new song “Go Wrong”.

Hauskey delivers great music with a breeze on his first release of the year “Go Wrong”. The music grabs you right away, as the sounds make you feel the sun on you, as you take in the vibes and enjoy the feel of the music. His tone is masterful and meshes with the music well, to make the listener feel that much better, as you relax to the record and take in the great story telling delivered in the writing to make the song even more enjoyable.

Huaskey’s “Go Wrong” is an amazing record that bring that excitement people run to music for. It all works together to make one cohesive amazing sound, that’s refreshing to hear as he makes the most selfless type of music one can make, the music that makes people want to enjoy life that much more.

Check out Hauskey “Go Wrong” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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