Guwop Reign – Shiesty

Guwop Reign – Shiesty

The most enjoyable songs are song that waste no time. The songs that grab you as soon as you hit play, with engaging elements that make it worth the listen. Those songs will keep you listening over and over as you enjoy it, more with every listen. Guwop Reign has one of those songs on his new release “Shiesty”.

Guwop Reign brings an action packed sound on his new song “Shiesty”, The production grabs you right away, with hard bass and 808’s knocking out your speakers to make you turn up the sounds. Guwop doesn’t get lost in the music, but pushes it forward with a super exhilarating flow, thats fluid in it’s approach to deliver the raw writing at every tune to make the streets go crazy.

Guwop Reign’s “Shiesty” is that raw menacing Hip Hop that paints the pictures people dive into. It’s a super dope record packed with must hear vibes, as he takes control of the music and commands the ultimate respect for his craft, while making digestible Hip Hop the masses can buy into in a real way.

Check out Guwop Reign “Shiesty” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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