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More than ever artists are baring it all in their music. Bringing a daring level of transparency, that lets the listener into their world and decide how invested they want to get in the artistry. That high level of honesty is what makes people become lifetime fans, and that is what you get from Clever on his new song “Rolls Royce Umbrella” featuring Chris Brown.

Clever comes together with Chris Brown to make an emotional banger on the new song “Rolls Royce Umbrella”. The song is vocally commanding with high intensity in the vocal approach that resonates, as you feel them give their all for every second. The writing is exceptional and brings a big time chorus that sends this record over the top, over this big time production that makes it a hit worth listening to.

Clever featuring Chris Brown “Rolls Royce Umbrella” is a great display of artistry that shows the full power of music. It dares to open itself up to the world, and be something that people can not only hear the talent in, but the soul in it to make it last with you to make it true art at it’s finest.

Check out Clever featuring Chris Brown “Rolls Royce Umbrella” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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