MATES – TooMuchNotEnough Vol 1 (Album Review)

MATES – TooMuchNotEnough Vol 1 (Album Review)

One of the biggest voids in music is great projects. Music being do singles based that, it leaves little room for one cohesive project from an artist. The journey a project takes you on is one of the key elements to making them enjoyable, and MATES takes you on a thrilling journey on his new project “TooMuchNotEnough Vol 1”. A 10 track project thats full of raw emotion that’s captivating at every turn. Below is a review of the project.

If I Die It’s a Holiday: “I should pay child support, all you boys is my sons” The production sets the scene, with a dark ambitious tone to it that sounds like a Michigan night. With the tone set he kicks it off like the Rockstar he is. The high energy is captivating in the vocal approach, while he delivers the perfect blend of heartfelt lines, and bravado driven lyrics to get you invested to see what the project has to offer.

The Vie For The Void: To keep the project going the music slows down but the conviction, and high energy stays up as he maneuvers us through a heartbreak that we can all feel. The writing is more relatable than ever and captures, the emotions we all go through to make it realer than ever.

Sam and Ronnie: One of the singles released to build anticipation that shines even more on the project. The blending of this record and it’s predecessor is perfect to bring the vision to full life. The use of this infamous couple to describe the toxicity of the relationship, is genius and shines as he gives a melodic vocal approach filled with emotion, that makes you take on the emotion of the record, which is a testament to the artistry he gives us.

Sticky Icky Vicky: The perfect switch up at the perfect time. The music picks up and it gets you out your seat on his swaggiest record thus far. The flow is impeccable and drives each line right on the money, that makes you feel the flex he possesses. Flawless record and instant favorite.

Off White Pimp featuring Persai Grai: One of the best elements of this project, is the way the singles knock even more. The fluidity of the project is stellar as each placement makes sense. This record keeps the party going as him and Persai Grai, fire off with an exhilarating approach that’s engaging for every second on this song full of knock.

Take The Pain Away: “I can’t right the wrongs, I just write the songs” The music slows down just in time, to put you all the way in your feelings. One of the most heartfelt tracks on this record, showcases his strong writing thats daring enough to take you deep into his thoughts. His willingness to take these chances is what makes the music connect to the soul, as each line takes you deeper and deeper into his world that he reveals to his fans, to make a spiritual connection with the listener.

I Love You Is Getting Harder To Say: Serving as the perfect successor to the previous record, the vibes keep going. Giving you more details and intricacies on this love story, that ties together with his life that gives you an emotion filled masterpiece to take in.

How I’m Coping: The right record to show his range and appeal. The song can be considered a Pop/ Commercial record with a mainstream sound in the production thats enjoyable. The writing is the thing of hits and his vocal tone show he not only has a nice melodic tone, but a nice singing voice that will go far for this incredible talent.

We Get A lot of Stares: The sonics of the album continues to shine, with him showcasing how well he is at creating vibes. The record fuses Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B to make a record that not only sounds good, but feels good as well with a vibe you can’t deny.

Airbnb Featuring Rossi: To close the project out he turns all the way up. The bass filled production knocks and plays the perfect stage for the saucy rhyming, that each line stands out as a super dope quotable from him and Rossi to close the show on amazing project.

MATES “TooMuchNotEnough Vol 1” is an amazing project that captures the feel that projects should have. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster to give you the highs and lows of his life. It’s an exciting project to take in and enjoy with so many sounds to choose from, that you just let them all rock to the fullest on his finest work to date.

Check out MATES “TooMuchNotEnough Vol 1” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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