Kuk seung pyo featuring Caleb Chase – Why Do You

Kuk seung pyo featuring Caleb Chase – Why Do You

A genre that will always connect is R&B. Music that is rooted in soul that you hear in so many amazing records, that you can feel in your spirit. The vibes those songs creates is something to marvel at, as you get emotionally invested in these records that talk about love, in a way you needed to hear. That feeling is what you will love about Kuk seung pyo’s new song “Why Do You” featuring Caleb Cruise.

Kuk seung pyo comes together with Caleb Cruise and delivers a song you won’t be able to get enough of on his new song “Why Do You”. The writing captures the male perspective of relationships taking a break, in a that is relatable and poetic with the spirit of Usher “U Don’t Have to Call” or Ne-Yo’s “Go On Girl”. Those records that make you pick your chin up, when life seems to be down. The way he delivers the writing is masterful in it’s tone to make you feel each line that much more on this amazing record.

Kuk seung pyo featuring Caleb Cruise “Why Do You” shows the unlimited value a song you can feel has. It’s always nice to hear a record that sounds nice, but even more nejoaybkle when it’s music you can feel, to make a real experience and connection with the listener, to make them keep coming back for a lifetime.

Check out Kuk seung pyo featuring Caleb Cruise “Why Do You”. below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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